Handmade, Custom, Classic.

Thanks for dropping in. Shop around for decks and completes, or feel totally free to get in touch if you want to find out more about designing your custom Rumble skateboard.

I'm Jake, nice to know you. Rumble Skateboards are handcrafted skateboard, longboard, and cruiser decks. the product of my obsession with the surf culture of the '50s and '60s.

Working in a woodshop in central Virginia, I learned the art of carpentry and I would spend every break and stay late making decks from salvaged wood. My glorious wife Alyssa is an artist of sorts and has also been known to wield a jigsaw and designs some of the decks you see here in our shop.

I've been madly in love with skateboarding since 1993 when my mom bought me my first real skateboard, a Nicky Guerrero from Powell Peralta. With an affinity for the vintage side of the story (peaking in the '80s), skateboarding is embedded in my DNA. It wasn't until very recently that I decided march after the beat of some of the greats and start building and branding my own decks. Rumble was born in 2013 when I started bringing my decks and completes to sell lemonade-stand style at the skate park in Bedford, VA every weekend.

Our skateboards are all made and assembled by hand in upstate New York from super-strong pressed oak and maple Canadian and American wood. We cut our original shapes, paint and stain with our favorite clean cut and vibrant colors or special-request artwork, and finish them off with the trucks, wheels, and gear of your choice for the smooth street sailing you're after.

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